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Optical Products in Laser Optical System

Lasers have very good coherence, directivity and high concentration of energy.

The advent of the laser means that the optical element is no longer limited to the observation and recording of the original shape of the image, but the image is processed and recorded by the transformation of the time and space spectrum. In addition, in optical measurement, the use of laser precision is also higher than before.

Because the laser itself has very good coherence, when the material itself has defects, dust or bubbles, stripes, etc., it will be easy to produce noise, because the material is very strict in the selection, and in the processing process, the processing precision of the components to be very high requirements. Especially for the opposite type. Usually, it needs to be at least λ/10-λ /20 or so.

Ecoptik focuses on high precision custom machining. we have a wealth of experience in laser products.

For example,

Planar optical elements, usually window pieces, laser beam splitters, etc. These elements are not only the measured datum plane but also the reference plane or wave plane segmentation element used as interferometer, which requires a high flatness.

With the development of laser technology, high power laser not only requires the element itself but also requires that it can withstand the corresponding damage threshold film layer

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