Infrared Optics

Infrared Optics

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of precision infrared optical devices. With professional coating and polishing technology, we provide customers with customized high-precision and complex optical devices, including short-wave infrared optical devices, mid-wave infrared optical devices, long-wave infrared optical devices, windows, and beam splitters, etc. Ecoptik provides various IR lenses and IR dome, please feel free to contact us.

The main materials include Germanium series, silicon series, zinc selenide series, zinc sulfide series, etc. The products are suitable for all kinds of laser equipment, optical testing instruments, etc.

Infrared Optics Applications

Infrared optical system refers to an optical system that works in the infrared spectral region. The infrared optical system includes an optical system that receives infrared information from the target's self-radiation or reflection and an optical system that emits infrared information. This system is mostly used in the thermal infrared (IR) camera lens/glass.

Infrared optical systems are roughly divided into 4 categories according to their application principles:

  • Infrared optical systems for detecting the azimuth and distance of the target, such as infrared rangefinder, infrared search and tracking system, infrared seeker, etc.

  • An infrared optical system that detects the temperature difference distribution of a target, such as a thermal imager.

  • Infrared optical system for detecting target radiation flux and reflection flux, such as a thermal radiometer.

  • Infrared optical system emitting infrared radiation, such as infrared collimator, CO2 laser directional energy system, etc.

Infrared Optics FAQs

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