Optical Assembly

Optical Assembly

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) is committed to professional customized optical assembly solutions.

Based on our processing and design capabilities, we can provide customers with personalized processing and assembly services. Fixed-focus lenses, zoom lenses, industrial lenses, tiny eyepieces for medical and aesthetics, and objective lenses have various photoelectric system lenses.

Types of Optical assembly

  • Camera UV Filter
    UV mirror has a long history. In the era when the camera was still a CCD sensor, UV mirror was needed to eliminate the interference of ultraviolet rays on CCD to ensure the quality of the picture! But...
  • Eyepiece of Thermal Imager
    The eyepiece is used to observe the image formed by the front optical system. It is a component of the telescope, microscope and other visual optical instruments. The main function is to re-enlarge th...
  • CCD camera for color sorter
    The CCD camera uses a color CCD image acquisition system to obtain comprehensive information of RGB colors. Make the color sorter have the perception ability of the human eye, can better select materi...
  • Otoscope
    Astronomy is the subject of human exploration of space, and optics is the key to open astronomy. Ecoptik provides large mirror processing.

Optical Assembly Application Served

Look For Areas Of Your Industry
Optical elements can be large astronomical survey mirrors or small optical communication elements.It could be in a spacecraft
exploring the universe, it could be in a probe going deep into the ocean, and of course, it's in our lives.
Focus on the production technology and R&D of endoscope optics solutions
Custom And OEM
Ecoptik is your trustworthy choice. Besides optical lenses, system design and processing are available, we also undertake optical coating services. Customization, Professionalism, and Precision.
What Is New About ECOPTIK
Get Optical Resources You Want at ECOPTIK
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