Half Ball Lens

Half Ball Lens

Ball lenses are completely spherical lenses most commonly used to couple light in and out of fibers. Half-ball lenses are hemispheres.

ECOPTIK supplies bespoke ball and half-ball lenses to our customer’s specifications. Ball lenses can be manufactured in quartz to have excellent UV and IR transmission between 185nm to 2000+nm, while sapphire lenses have a higher refractive index allowing a very short fall back length to better facilitate fiber coupling. Custom ball lenses are available in a range of alternative materials such as optical grade glass or even ceramics or IR crystal. Our half ball lenses offer uniform dispersion of light and typically used in LED displays and LED traffic lights.

Descriptions Of Half ball lens

Half-Ball lenses are ideal for applications such as fiber communication, endoscopy, microscopy, optical pick-up devices, and laser measurement systems.

ECO Optical half ball lens mainly selects optical BK7 glass and Fused silica, with a diameter ranging from 0.5mm to 100mm that can meet customer‘s requirements.

Drawing of Half Ball Lens


Specification of Half Ball Lens


optical glass (VIS glass, UV fused silica, Silicon, sapphire etc.)



Diameter Tolerance


Surface Qualty

60/40, 40/20.20/10

Surface Frigure



as customer's request

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