Optical Thin Film Coating

Optical Thin Film Coating

Optical Thin Firm Coating Service

The optical coating is composed of thin layered media, a type of optical media material that propagates light beams through the interface. The application of optical films began in the 1930s. In modern times, optical films have been widely used in the fields of optics and optoelectronic technology to manufacture various optical instruments.

The main optical thin film devices include reflective film, anti-reflection film, polarizing film, interference filter, beam splitter and so on. They have been widely used in the national economy and national defense construction, and have received increasing attention from scientific and technological workers. For example, the use of anti-reflection film can reduce the luminous flux loss of complex optical lenses ten times; the use of high reflectance mirrors can double the output power of lasers; the use of optical films can improve the efficiency and stability of silicon photocells

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) can provide individual optical film coating services, involving a variety of optical thin firm series. MaF2, Metal, filters all can be achieved. We will design the film based on the substrate according to the customer's requirements.

Using advanced detection equipment (spectrophotometer) to perform actual detection of transmission and reflection of the film

What Optical Thin Firm Coating Service Can We Do

Anti-Reflection Coating (AR)High Reflective Metal Coatings
High Reflective CoatingsPartial Reflective Coatings
Beam Splitter coatings

Filters Of Optical Thin Firm Coating

Bandpass filterLongpass Filter
Neutral density filterNarrow bandpass filter
Cut off filter

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