Narrow Bandpass Filter

Narrow Bandpass Filter

Based on the technique of all-dielectric hard coating and the principle of dielectric interference, and based on the characteristics of narrow-band optical pass filters, the optical properties are independent of the substrate. The narrow-band filter produced by Ecoptik is more convenient to be built into the instrument imaging system so that its optical performance can be improved and effectively applied. The special optical material substrate is used to solve the problem that the absorption type synthetic glass is easy to mold and the optical performance is unstable. The narrow-band optical pass filters are produced according to the customer's index requirements.

Description Of Narrow Band Bandpass Filter

Bandwidth refers to the distance between two positions in the passband whose transmittance is half of the peak transmittanceThe above six parameters must be taken into account in the use and selection of narrow-band filters. Different performance indexes require different manufacturing costs of filters.

Narrow-band Pass Filter Design

Specifications Of Narrow Band Pass Filter

MaterialOptical glass BK7/ Fused silica
Surface quality40/20, 20/10
Thickness range0.5mm-5.0mm or upon the customer’s   request
FWHM20nm, 30nm,40nm,50nm,60nm or upon   the customer’s request
Wavelength range340nm, 380nm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm   510nm,546nm,578nm, 600nm,620nm,630nm,650nm,850nm,805nm, 940nm, 1064nm

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