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Optical Components
Manufacturing & Design

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) has been researching optical components processing technology for over 15 years. As one of the best optical component manufacturers and companies, Ecoptik's technology and quality have reached the world's advanced level. In particular, we have developed and studied the processing technology of the optical dome. At present, our products have been completely mass-produced. This also greatly reduces the processing cost. In addition, we can provide custom optical components. We have fully patented the technology.

While constantly improving the technology, we, as a professional optical products manufacturer, have also enhanced quality management and added a variety of testing equipment, such as Zygo laser interferometer, video measuring system, spectrophotometer, etc.

Types Of Custom Optical Components

Optical Components
Manufacturing & Design Application Served

Look For Areas Of Your Industry
Optical elements can be large astronomical survey mirrors or small optical communication elements.It could be in a spacecraft
exploring the universe, it could be in a probe going deep into the ocean, and of course, it's in our lives.
Focus on the production technology and R&D of endoscope optics solutions
Custom And OEM
Ecoptik is your trustworthy choice. Besides optical lenses, system design and processing are available, we also undertake optical coating services. Customization, Professionalism, and Precision.
What Is New About ECOPTIK
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