micro prism

Micro Prism

Ecoptik's micro prism is primarily for the endoscopic, LD to fiber coupling applications.

Our micro prism is a popular product with a number of medical and industrial instrument manufacturers.

Description of Micro prism

Micro prisms provide an effective way to change the path of a beam within a component or fiber device. When light passes through a face of a prism, it is refracted. The main use of microprisms in optical fibers is to direct light beams from one optical channel to another with high accuracy. It has all the optical properties of prisms. It's just a very small size.

Due to the small size of the microprism, its processing method is slightly different from that of ordinary prism. It is also made by cutting, grinding and polishing optical glass.

Specification of Micro prism

Structure of micro prisms

Micro right-angle prism, Micro wedge, Micro dove prism, Micro penta prism


BK7 glass, Fused silica, etc.



Angle tolerance

Up to ±10 arc sec.

Surface quality

20/10 , 10/5

Surface Flatness


Clear aperture

>90% of Dimension


Up on clients’ request

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