Plano Convex L Lens

Plano Convex L Lens

Plano-convex L lenses/Mirrors are positive focal length elements that have one spherical surface and one flat surface. These lenses are designed for infinite conjugate (parallel light) use or simple imaging in non-critical applications. The use of a plano-convex L lens/mirror is ideal for all-purpose focusing elements.

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Description Of Plano Convex L Lens

Ecoptik Manufactures Plano Convex Lens. 

The use of plano-convex cylindrical lenses: The plano-convex rectangular cylindrical lens can provide positive or negative focal length, which is very suitable for laser line generation or deformed beam shaping. It can be single-axis magnified in various optical applications to make the laser output circular. These plano-convex cylindrical lenses can be combined with other lenses to form a composite imaging system.

Specifications Of Plano Convex L Lens

MaterialOptical grade glass/ Fused Silica/ Sapphire
Diameter Tolerance±0.05mm~±1mm
Surface Quality80/50, 60/40,   40/20, 20/10, 10/5
Surface Accuracyλ~λ/20
Centration3 arc min~30   arc sec.
CoatingAs per customer's   request

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