Ecoptik optoelectronics has the ability to process the whole process, from the overall design, accessories processing to accessories assembly. Our otoscope products are also widely recognized in the European market. At present, the Ecoptik opto-electronics team has been focusing on upgrading the otoscope lens from prime focus to zoom system, striving for market synchronization.

At the same time, Ecoptik optoelectronics is also in the processing and assembly of other endoscopes.

Description of Otoscope

Otoscope is a type of medical endoscope, mainly used for screening in ENT outpatient clinics. The otoscope allows the medical practitioner to enlarge the field of view during screening, presenting a clear image of the tympanic membrane.

The otoscope provided by ecoptik is a complete optical system, consisting of a set of optical lenses (spherical lens, aspherical lens, plane mirror, etc.) and a metal shell designed according to the focal length and diopter of the whole system. With the increasing popularity of medicine and health care, the otoscope has moved from the medical clinic to various health care institutions (such as ear collection and other health care services), as well as into ordinary homes.

Specifications of Otoscope



Optical partial accuracy

Surface accuracy: λ/10

Centration: <1 arc min

Surface quality: 20/10 scratch/ dig

Coating: AR coating

Mechanical partial accuracy

Dimension tolerance: +/-2um

Good coaxiality

Part of assembly

Threaded assembly, fixed focus

Finished product test section

According to the requirement of the client

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