Optical Mirror

Optical Mirror

The reflector, as the name suggests, was born to meet people's requirements for light reflection. It is an optical element that uses the law of light reflection. Optical mirrors generally include spherical mirrors/reflectors, flat mirrors, and aspheric mirrors. But basically, it is through optical coating or direct selection of metal materials.

Ecoptik is one of the leading optical mirror manufacturers which provides custom optical mirrors, and our coated optical mirrors for sale mainly include metal (aluminum, silver, gold) coatings and dielectric coatings. It is widely used in laser systems, scanning systems, and optical measurement systems. Ecoptik can provide various optical mirrors and custom optical mirrors, such as scanning mirror, AI mirror, au mirror, front surface mirror and dielectric mirror. Contact Ecoptik to get more about the information, meaning, and concept of custom optical mirrors.

Custom Optical Mirror FAQs

  • What Are The Main Reflective Films?

    There are mainly metal materials (Au, Ag, Al) and dielectric materials. There are also some filter materials

  • How To Avoid The Influence Of The Flatness Of Lens.

    There are some mirrors used by lasers, which have high requirements for the surface flatness. There will indeed be a problem of changes in the back of the coating, but as one of the leading optical mirror manufacturers, we will design in advance based on practical experience to avoid this problem as much as possible.

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