The precision custom reticle is generally installed on the focal plane of the right eyepiece of the telescope. It is a thin glass with reticle dense lines engraved on the surface of the pole book. In theory, this thin optical reticle glass also participates in imaging and extends the focal length of the objective lens, which will have more or less influence on the length of the right eyepiece.

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) is one of the few companies producing custom glass reticles because the precision reticles require extremely high cleanliness. Any tiny dust will produce large black spots during observation. At the same time, the accuracy of the installation position of the custom reticle is extremely high. Therefore, try not to disassemble it. If it is disassembled, it must be as it is recovery.

Custom Glass Reticles Applications

The glass reticle is generally installed on the focal plane of the right eyepiece of the telescope or scope. It is made of a thin glass with a very thin surface engraved with the reticle dense line. In theory, this thin glass is also involved in imaging, extending The focal length of the objective lens will more or less affect the length of the right eyepiece. The glass reticle has extremely high requirements for cleanliness, and any tiny dust will produce large black spots during observation, and the installation position of the reticle requires extremely high precision.

The glass reticle generally adopts chromium plating and etching to form the danger of the glass reticle. The line adopts chromium plating, and the luminous type is filled with titanium trioxide or zinc oxide powder after etching.

The glass reticle produced by Jiujing has an accuracy of +/-0.002m and is widely used in medical and military fields.

For special-purpose reticles, Jiujiang can customize anti-reflection, waterproof, oleophobic, and anti-glare coatings for customers.

Custom Glass Reticles FAQs

  • Can A Custom Reticle Be Made?

    Yes, we can make custom reticles. We will process the template according to the CAD drawings provided by the customer.

  • What Are The Main Processing Methods?

    There are mainly two methods of glass reticle etching and photolithography. The correct method will be selected according to the customer's drawing requirements and actual results.

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