The optical glass filter is an optical device used to select the desired radiation band. One of the common characteristics of filters is that there is no filter to make the image of celestial bodies brighter, because all filters absorb certain wavelengths, which makes the object darker. Its main feature is that the size can be made quite large. Thin film filters generally transmit longer wavelengths and are mostly used as infrared filters. The latter is to form a certain thickness of high refractive index or low refractive index metal-dielectric-metal film or all-dielectric film alternately on a certain substrate by vacuum coating, forming a low-order, multi-stage tandem solid method Brie-Perot interferometer. The choice of film material, thickness and series connection mode is determined by the required center wavelength and transmission bandwidth. Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) as a professional optical filters ltd, offers different types of custom optical filters, such as optical comb filters, optical high pass filters, optical low pass filters, colored glass filters, colored glass filters, crystal optics filters, and linear variable filters.

Filter Applications

The optical filter mainly uses the principle of light interference to obtain the transmission effect of the spectrum. The optical filter deposits films with different refractive indexes on the optical substrate through a vacuum coater to achieve different optical effects. When mixed light of multiple wavelengths passes through the filter, interference effects are generated due to the difference in refractive index, resulting in a very high transmittance of light of a specific wavelength while light of other wavelengths is reflected and absorbed.

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