Neutral Density Filter

Neutral Density Filter

Neutral optical density filter is often used in imaging or laser applications to avoid strong light damage to camera sensors or other optical components. This kind of optical density filters absorb or reflect untransmitted light to evenly reduce transmission in a given part of the spectrum.

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) provides different types of neutral optical density filter wholesale. If you want to get the neutral optical density lens filters price, please feel free to contact us.

Description Of Neutral Optical Density Filter

Ecoptik makes fixed OD value neutral density filter by depositing Inconel film on a clear cubstrate. The advantage of the optical density filter is in the broader band and lower ripple than that of absorptive density filter. The coated wavelengthcan be extended to 200nm to 1100nm or more. The disadvantage is that there is some reflective light on the optical filter glass. The OD value can vary from 0.1 to 0.5. The OD value is controlled by coating inconel thin film thickness. Regular thickn thickness of the NDF is 1.1mm or 0.55mm.

This kind of optical density filters can be used for video, waterfalls, ophthalmology and landscape photography.

Description Of Neutral Density Filter
Description Of Neutral Density Lens Filter

Specifications Of Neutral Optical Density Filter

Diameter   tolerance+0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness   tolerance±0.1mm
Parallelism<3 arc min
Clear aperture>90%
Density   tolerance±2%

Part No.Wanvelength   Range
Optical Density   (OD)

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