Pyramid Optical/Tetrahedral Prism

Pyramid Optical/Tetrahedral Prism

A pyramidal prism/angular cube reflector is always used to reflect a beam of light into the prism, regardless of the direction of the beam. Corner prisms are widely used where accurate alignment is difficult.

Corner optical prism rear reflector/pyramid prism is designed to reflect any light or beam entering the prism surface, regardless of the direction of the prism, can be reflected back to itself. The mirror can only be used at a normal Angle of incidence. Therefore, corner prism retroreflector is an ideal choice for accurate alignment. They have three total internal reflections that work even at very large incident angles. N - BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors is made by the precision of N - BK7, suitable for all kinds of visible light.

Description Of Pyramid Optical/Tetrahedral Prism

A tetrahedral prism, also known as a pyramidal prism, consists of four planes with different spatial directions. One of the four planes is the incidence/exit plane of light, and the other three planes with different spatial directions are the total reflection plane of light.

Specifications Of Pyramid Optical/Tetrahedral Prism

MaterialN-BK7, Fused   Silica
Dimension tolerance±0.1mm
Clear aperture>80%
Surface quality60/40
Surface accuracyλ/4@632.8nm
Angle tolerance60°±3 arc min
CoatingUpon request

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