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  • Zygo Laser Interferometer

    Zygo Laser Interferometer

    As we know ZYGO continues to maintain the leadership role in surface form metrology using laser interferometry. It main measure radius of curvature, surface fringe and transmission wavefront distortion. Meanwhile, it can improve the accuracy and repeatability of the inspection process. Mainly for the flat surface, sphere, cylinder and so on.

    Assuring the high surface accuracy, arrived λ/20

  • Digital Focometer

    Digital Focometer

    Main measure the focal length and centration. Automatic measurement, high efficiency of measurement;High accuracy, powerful function, wide range of measurement.

    Effective focal length measurement

    Center centration measurement: Prism angle master, any two angle


    Effort Focal Length (EFL)Centration
    Measurement   range (mm)±5 ~ ±450-450 ~ +450
    Measurement   accuracy0.03% ~ 0.3%0.2μm

  • Video Measuring Machine

    Video Measuring Machine

    Be able to measure the dimensions, angles and positions of various workpieces efficiently. The geometrical parameters of cutter, measuring tool and measuring tool.

    Prism angle master, any two angle tolerance<1~2”

    Travel (mm) X x Y x Z250x150x200
    Measurement   resolution0.5μm
    Measurement accuracyX, Y   accuracy: (3+L/200) μm
    Optical   magnification0.7X-4.5X
    Image   magnification28X-180X

  • Spectrophotometer(uv-vis-nir)


    1.The classical Czerny-Turner optical structure, simple, high precision and good spectral resolution

    2. The design of double grating and double receiver ensures that the instrument working band can cover the full range of ultraviolet visible and near infrared region (uv-vis-nir).

    Measurement wavelength range190-2800nm
    Scan methodTransmittance, absorbance, reflectivity, energy
    wavelength accuracy±0.5nm(UV/VIS);±8nm(NIR)
    Baseline   Flatness±0.008A(200-2500nm)
    spectral   bandwidth0.2nm-10nm

  • Bruker Tensor 27 Infrared Spectrometer

    Bruker Tensor 27 Infrared Spectrometer

    TENSOR 27 is a new generation of research-grade infrared spectrometer designed by BRUKER. Real-time online monitoring and diagnostic system is a reliable guarantee of superior performance.

    Wavenumber accuracyBetter 0.01cm-1@2000cm-1
    Absorbance accuracyBetter 0.01%
    Spectral range1.33-20um

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