Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

Meniscus Cylindrical Lens can increase the NA of the system while only adding slightly to the total spherical aberrations. The Negative Meniscus Lens is used to increase the focal length of another lens while maintaining the angular resolution of the optical assembly. This lens shape is best used when one conjugate is relatively far from the lens.

Description Of Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

It is a lens that one surface is the convex shape, another surface is concave with a cylindrical shape, its role is making beam converging or diverging on a plane, and that beam doesn’t work for the perpendicular plane(cylindrical axis) with it. A cylindrical lens is used in turning a transmitted plane wave into a cylindrical wave, or turn an original cylindrical wave into a plane wave or spherical wave, such a kind of lens can correct ocular astigmation.

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) uses classical processing technology and strict process control to ensure that the surface accuracy of the lens is sufficient to meet customer requirements. At the same time, we use the Zygo interferometer to perform multiple corrections and measurements during and final processing of the surface progress.

Drawing Of Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

Drawing Of Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

Specification Of Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

CommercialHigh precision
MaterialOptical glasses, fused silica, silica, etc.
Diameter0.5mm ~ 150mm
Diameter tolerance±0.1mm±0.02
Focal length-50mm ~ 2000mm
Focal length tolerance±2% (<10mm)
±0.5% <10mm – 1000mm)
±1% (>1000%)
Centraticom<3 arc min<10 arc sec
Clear aperture>85% ~92% of diameter
Surface quality ( Scratch / Dig)MIL 60/40MIL 10/5
Surface accuracyλ/4@632.8nmλ/10632.8nm
Bevel0.05mm~0.2mm x 45°
CoatingUp on  customer’s requirement.

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