New quality productivity behind optical domes Reported by Changchun Daily May 24, 2024


ECOPTIK’s employees are grinding optical domes products.

"The thickness error of this optical dome is only six microns."

"How thin is six microns?"

"It's one-tenth the size of a human hair." Recently, in ECOPTIK(CHANGCHUN) LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ECOPTIK), deputy general manager Wu Linlin pointed to an optical dome product and told reporters.

The recent conference on accelerating the high-quality development of the private economy in Changchun fully released a strong signal that the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government clearly support the development of the private economy. As a private precision optical company with high-end science and technology in our city, ECOPTIK was deeply encouraged and strengthened the confidence of enterprises to cultivate new quality productivity and develop better and faster in the long term.

Into the ECOPTIK milling workshop, the staffs are busy operating the spherical iron mill, grinding a blank semi-spherical iron molding... The whole workshop is a busy scene, the staff operates according to the operation instructions, each process is in order. ECOPTIK responded to the call of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the implementation of lean management, and the effect is particularly significant.  "What is being grinding now are order products to be shipped abroad." According to Wu Linlin, ECOPTIK has more than 14 years of optical domes production and processing experience, and is the first company in China to research and develop, trial production and mass production. At present, the annual output of optical domes can reach more than 200,000, and the national market share ranks first, and the European market share reaches about 75%.

Why are small optical domes so popular?

In the interview, the reporter learned that the optical dome is equivalent to the protective cover of the lens, and the production accuracy, light transmittance, sealing and other aspects of the requirements are very high, especially the super hemisphere optical dome to achieve mass production is even more difficult.

"The optical dome we produce are used high-end optical grinding, polishing and other technologies, and has good optical performance." Wu Linlin told reporters that ECOPTIK has become the leading optical dome manufacturer in China at present, and has made technological breakthroughs, and there are 26 self-held invention patents and utility model patents for ECOPTIK.

Excellent technology makes excellent products. The optical domes produced by ECOPTIK can be widely used in the fields of camera dome imaging, navigation system, solar intensity meter, submarine monitoring system, submarine photography and so on.

Accelerate the layout of new fields, new tracks, and cultivate and develop new quality productivity, 

which is very consistent with the development concept of ECOPTIK. Since its establishment in 2011, ECOPTIK has always adhered to the development policy of "technological innovation + intelligent production", and its optical domes, microlenses, medical endoscopes and other products have remarkable market segmentation effect, and have been recognized by more than 60 countries and regions in scientific research, biomedical, aerospace, laser cutting, drone driving, intelligent robots and other fields and owned independent innovation intellectual property rights.

At the beginning of this year, ECOPTIK self-funded the construction of two automatic intelligent production lines to improve production efficiency and improve product quality. Also introduce foreign authoritative testing instruments for accurate measurement of optical components.

"While maintaining manufacturing efficiency and product quality, we take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, focus on the main business such as optical components and optical lenses, and actively cultivate and develop new quality productivity toward" wisdom ", create a new generation of national brands, and empower industrial development." said by Wu linlin.

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