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Micro Lenses

ECOPTIK can process high-precision customized microlenses with a diameter of 1mm-10mm. It can involve a variety of materials in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavebands. Such microlenses are the core components of multiple optical systems and are widely used in medical instruments, optical fiber transmission equipment, micro imaging systems, and so on.

Description of Mirco Lenses

The micro-optics products provided by ECOPTIK are mainly single lenses, including spherical mirrors, prisms, mirrors, and windows. Not a micro lens array. The main way of processing is through grinding and polishing, and a single lens can ensure good optical accuracy.

At present, it is widely used, such as in medical endoscopes (otoscope, laparoscope, colonoscopy, etc.), which greatly improves the imaging effect.

Specification of Mirco Lenses




Optical glass, Fused silica, Sapphire, etc.


1mm ~ 10mm

Diameter tolerance


Focal length

-50mm ~ 200mm

Focal length tolerance



< 3 arc min

Clear aperture

>85% of dia

Surface quality

60/40, 20/10

Surface accuracy



0.05mm x 45°


Upon client's request

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