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Micro Window

Like ordinary optical window sheets, tiny window sheets have two parallel surfaces and are used in most cases to protect sensors and other electronic instruments within the system from environmental conditions, but they are absolutely indispensable and should be adapted to the needs of the overall system.

Description of Micro window

Most of the micro windows processed by Ecoptik need to be coated, mainly anti-reflection coating and reflection coating. Anti-reflection coating is mostly used in the front end of the imaging system, which not only plays the role of window protection but also increases the transmission of light beam.

Specification of Micro window



High Precision


Visible material: BK7 (H-K9L), Float glass, Color glass, etc.

UV material: Fused silica, Borosilicate glass, etc.

IR material: Sapphire, Ge, Si, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, LiF, ZnSe, ZnS, etc.



Diameter tolerance:



Angle tolerance:

<3 arc min

<10 arc sec

Clear Aperture:

>90% of diameter

Surface Quality:


MIL20-10, 10-5

Surface flatness:

λ/4@ 632.8nm

λ/10@ 632.8nm


0.05~0.2mm x 45°

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