Molded Glass Aspherical Lens

Molded Glass Aspherical Lens

Glass molding is a precision mold with a specific shape at a certain temperature and pressure. The glass preform is pressed to obtain a high precision, high surface quality optical grade lens, Lenses made with precision molding technology usually do not require cold working and polishing, which reduces raw material consumptions, reduces labor and material costs and enables aspherical lenses to be produced in large quantities at low cost. It has broad application prospects in the manufacture of aspherical optical glass parts and standard micro-optical components.

Description of Molded Glass Aspherical Lens

The advantage of aspheric lenses over spherical lenses is that one or more lenses can be used to correct problems such as image distortion and misalignment of focus. Through the combination of mold production technology and glass material development technology, it is possible to manufacture precision formed aspheric lens.

Meanwhile, ecoptik's molded glass aspherical lens can be used in large quantities.

ECOPTIK's aspheric lenses by precision molding are used in digital cameras, pickup lenses, and in the field of optical communications.

Specifications of Molded Glass Aspherical Lens

PV0.6μm0.8μm1μm1.2μm2-5μmTangent angle of aspheric edge is key factor
Best fit PV0.2μm0.3μm0.4μm0.6μm1-3μm
Center thickness tolerance±3μm±5μm±10μm±15μm±15μm
Sag tolerance±5μm±10μm
Outroutine±3-5μm±5μm±5-10μm±10μm±10μmOutside diameter processing technology is key factor
diameter toleranceSide cutHigh precisionMedium precisionCommercial precision
TiltHigh precisionMedium precisionCommercial precision
S1-S2 Decenter3μm3-5μm5-7μm10μm15μm
Appearance level40/2040/2080/5080/5080/50Material is key factor
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