Silicon (Si)

Silicon (Si)

Monocrystalline silicon is an infrared optical material with excellent comprehensive cost performance. Optical grade Czochralski silicon (OCZ-Si) as a transmission grade material is widely used in the mid-infrared (3-5um) band, and the infrared transmittance exceeds 50%. Zone-melted monocrystalline silicon can be used in a wider band (1-14um), and high-purity zone-melted monocrystalline silicon (HPFZ-Si) can even be used in the far-infrared band (greater than 30um). The choice of silicon type depends on the wavelength range, component thickness and specific application.

Silicon (Si)  Descriptions

Single crystal silicon is a chemically inert material with high hardness and insoluble in water. It has good light transmission performance in the 1.2-7μm band, and it also has good light transmission in the far infrared band 300-300μm. Performance, which is a feature that other optical and infrared materials do not have. Silicon (Si) single crystals are usually used in the substrate of 3-5μm mid-wave infrared optical windows and optical filters. Because of the material's good thermal conductivity and low density, It is also a common material for making laser mirrors. The density of monocrystalline silicon is 2.316g/cm³, and the Knoop hardness is 1150, which is harder and less fragile than germanium.

Silicon (Si)  Specifications

CrystallographicGrowth MethodCZ OR FZ
OpticalRefractive Index at n3.03.436
Refractive Index at n5.03.426
Thermal Coefficient of Refractive Index at 25 ℃1.50 x 10-4
Transmission Range, microns1.2 - 10, 50 - 100
Thermal Linear Expansion, ℃-1 for 25 ℃2.55 x 10-6
ThermalThermal Conductivity, W/(m * ℃) at 27 ℃159
Specific Heat Capacity, J/(kg * ℃)0.712 x 103
Melting Point, ℃1412
MechanicalDensity, g/cm3 at 20 ℃2.33
Mohs Hardness7
Young Modulus (E), Pa1.89 x 1010
Shear Modulus (G), Pa7.99 x 1010
Poisson Ratio0.266
ChemicalMolecular Weight28.09
Molecular Weightinsoluble

Ref. Index vs. Wavelength λ

Wavelength, MicronsRefractive Index

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