Take You to Know the Endoscope

Endoscope is a testing instrument that integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. One has an image sensor, optical lens, light source lighting, mechanical devices, etc., which can enter the stomach through the oral cavity or enter the body through other natural orifices. An endoscope can see lesions that cannot be shown by X-rays, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, with the help of an endoscopy doctor can observe ulcers or tumors in the stomach and work out the best treatment plan accordingly.

Of course, the use of endoscopes is very extensive, not limited to the medical field, but also industrial fields, such as construction, oil and gas chemical industry, mechanical maintenance, security monitoring, automobile maintenance, power facilities, pipeline chemicals, aerospace and so on.

As the name suggests, endoscopes are still an important tool for human detection.

Traditional optical imaging is an important part of the endoscope. Through imaging transmission, people can observe the measured object more accurately.

Usually the optical lenses in endoscopes are tiny lenses, whether it is a single lens or a group of lenses.

At that time, the accuracy of these lenses did not meet the standards of high-pixel imaging. Starting from the actual application, BRD Optical, as one of the optical component manufacturers, continuously innovates the technology and breaks through the technical bottleneck, making these lenses have the corresponding surface accuracy. At present, these endoscope special lenses have been supported and affirmed by the majority of users.

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