What Is The Importance Of Filter Cleanliness?

1. The optical filter should do a good job of cleaning

Regardless of whether the optical filter film is coated before or after coating, the degree of cleanliness directly affects the yield of the filter. For the coating process, the cleaning of the substrate is an indispensable part. The cleanliness of the substrate directly affects the quality of the coated product and is one of the important keys to the finished optical filter film. Therefore, the product must be subjected to fine ultrasonic cleaning and wiping before coating to reduce impurities in the film and ensure the cleanliness of the substrate before coating.

2. What are the problems with optical filter films with poor finish?

If the product does not control the cleanliness of the substrate before coating, it will lead to the following problems:

(1) The surface finish of the filter is not good enough to meet the customer's requirements.

(2) The adhesion of the optical filter coating layer has an influence, which easily leads to the deterioration of the physical properties of the filter layer, the filter layer is easy to fall off, and the firmness is not good.

(3) It will lead to increased scattering and absorption of the filter, poor anti-laser capability of the filter, and low laser damage threshold.

(4) It will lead to the deterioration of the optical transmittance performance of the filter, and it will deviate from the film system envisaged by the designed filter, thus failing to meet the design requirements, unable to meet the customer's filter quality standards, and even lead to the filter of scrap.

Therefore, the cleanliness of custom filters before and after coating is very important, mainly including wipe cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, vapor phase cleaning and ion beam cleaning. ECOPTIK has a complete cold working process system, a complete ultrasonic cleaning system, and a thousand-level dust-free workshop to ensure that the optical filter can be maintained in an optical clean state and produce high-quality optical filters during the production process.

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