Silicon Filter For Infrared Thermometer

As monocrystalline silicon has good infrared spectral characteristics and physical properties, the infrared sensor filters produced by our company mainly use monocrystalline silicon as the substrate. By alternately plating the substrate with different refractive index and thickness of the material film, the substrate has long pass, short pass, band pass, anti-reflection, reflection and other functions.

silicon filter for infrared thermometer

The monocrystalline silicon infrared filters produced by our company are mainly used in laser, imaging, detection, temperature measurement, sensing, aerospace and other fields of sensors above, so it is also called infrared sensor filters. Main applications:

1. Infrared alarm, photoelectric switch. (pyroelectric infrared sensor)

2. Night vision window

3. Thermometer window

4. Thermal imager

5. Gas analyzer


silicon filter for infrared thermometer 2

Longpass wavelength
Dimension tolerance
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