26th World' s Leading Trade Fair with Congress for Photonics

The laser world of photonics is an important platform for enterprises to explore the optical instrument market. It is also an exchange and procurement conference themed on the optical instrument industry. The Optical instrument Exhibition will lead the optical instrument industry in Munich to breakthrough and upgrade.

The exhibition covers the following categories

● Optical instruments: optical measurement instruments, optical detection instruments, microscopes, optical surveying and mapping instruments, optical testing instruments.
● Optical instruments and equipment: scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, scanning probe microscope, atomic force microscope, electron microscope, optical microscope, metallographic microscope, optical measuring instrument, optical experimental equipment, optical imaging equipment, optical image processing and instruments and equipment.
● Optical instruments, equipment and machinery: opticians instruments, optometric instruments, lens coating equipment, optical mechanical equipment, lens processing equipment, frame/lens mechanical equipment.


26th World' s Leading Trade Fair with Congress for Photonics.png

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