Application of multispectral imaging system in environment, agriculture, archaeology and other fields

Multi-spectral imaging products are suitable for all kinds of industries and applications, especially some customers with special requirements, and can be used for precision agriculture (all kinds of crops, vegetables and fruits, etc.), environment, forestry, fisheries, Marine, aviation, material selection, archaeological research, human behavior science, etc. Industrial testing and other industries to provide complete spectral data support, strong technology and product quality, TETRACAM can fully meet the aerial photography, water, field, laboratory and other types of environment, including all kinds of complex industrial environment. 

Industry application 1: Multi-spectral imaging for environmental vegetation coverage detection

Industry application 2: Multi-spectral imaging for cultural heritage protection and evaluation

Industry application 3: Multi-spectral imaging for environmental disaster assessment - frost damage assessment

Industry application 4: Multi-spectral imaging for regional/large area management - Multi-spectral image Mosaic application

Industry application 5: Multi-spectral imaging for maize, wheat pests and diseases regional monitoring

Multispectral filter

Spliced multispectral filter Product


Spliced multispectral filter adopts the method of cutting and splicing, combining multiple single-spectral filters into a multi-spectral filter. The difficulty of this process is to control the parallelism of different channels, avoid light leakage of splicing gaps, and ensure the strength and reliability of splicing. The advantage of this technique is that it can realize the splicing of multiple spectral channels.



Application fields

1. Space remote sensing

2. Imaging spectrometer

3. Medical multi-spectral imaging and other fields

Photolithographic multispectral filter

Product description

The photolithographic multispectral filter is precisely fabricated by a composite process of photolithography and coating, and multiple spectral channels are integrated in different spatial positions of a single substrate. On the basis of ensuring the excellent spectral characteristics of each channel, the spatial alignment accuracy is very high.




Application fields

1.Space remote sensing

2.Imaging spectrometer

3. Medical multi-spectral imaging and other fields

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