Classification and application of endoscope

Endoscopic classification

In terms of application, it can be divided into two simple categories, namely, industrial endoscope and medical endoscope.

About the types of industrial endoscope, from the imaging form can be divided into: optical endoscope, optical fiber endoscope, electronic endoscope, CCD video endoscope, CMOS video endoscope, electric 360° endoscope.The types of endoscope light sources are divided into high frequency fluorescent lamp endoscope, fiber halogen lamp endoscope and LED endoscope.

Medical endoscope classification, according to its development:

Classification of imaging structure: it can be roughly divided into three categories:

hard tube endoscopy, optical fiber (flexible tube) endoscopy and electronic endoscopy.

There are many different types of endoscopes for medical examination, which are classified in different ways. Generally speaking, there are three types of endoscopes that are more common. In terms of marketing, the most commonly used types are divided into hard mirror and flexible mirror based on whether the direction can be changed clinically.


As per the function of the endoscope:

Divided into single function mirror and multi-function mirror. Single-function mirror refers to the observation mirror with no working channel and only optical system. In addition to the function of an observation mirror, a multifunctional mirror also has at least one or more working channels in the same body, with lighting, surgery, flushing and attracting functions. Because endoscope is very important in the medical field, it is very important to choose reliable optical mirror manufacturers.

As far as the endoscope goes:

According to the different parts of the endoscope to reach the classification: ear, nose and throat endoscope, oral endoscope, dental endoscope, neuroscope, urethral cystoscope, electric incision scope, laparoscope, arthroscope, sinus scope, laryngoscope, etc.

Clinical application of endoscopy:

1. Examination of gastrointestinal diseases
(1) Esophagus: chronic esophagitis, esophageal varices, esophageal hernia, esophageal leiomyoma, esophageal cancer and cardiac cancer, etc.

(2) Stomach and duodenum: chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, benign gastric tumor, gastric duodenal ulcer, duodenal tumor.

(3) Small intestine: small intestine tumor, smooth muscle tumor, sarcoma, polyp, lymphoma, inflammation, etc.

2. Examination of pancreatic and biliary diseases: pancreatic cancer, cholangitis, cholangiocarcinoma, etc.


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