ECOPTIK(CHANGCHUN)LTD insists on technological innovation to promote intelligent production

Changchun accelerating the high-quality development of the private economy conference clearly proposed to promote scientific and technological innovation to gather force breakthroughs, make good use of our city's scientific and technological innovation "17". These good news make the staffs of ECOPTIK (CHANGCHUN) LTD feel excited. ECOPTIK, a leading optical components manufacturer, will promote scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development, and effectively transform policy dividends into development results.


Here is the endoscope production workshop of ECOPTIK (CHANGCHUN) LTD. The medical endoscope lenses being produced are already the fourth generation products of the company, which are used in medical otoscopes, with a pixel of more than 10 million pixels, which has exceeded the endoscopic industry standards in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. ECOPTIK currently has 26 intellectual property patents, including medical endoscopes, and is expected to produce 200,000 medical endoscopes this year.


Wu Linlin, deputy general manager of ECOPTIK(CHANGCHUN) LTD. said ECOPTIK has funded itself to build an intelligent production line at the beginning of 2024,, improve production efficiency and improve product quality. And ECOPTIK invested in the German Zeiss three-coordinate,which can be accurate measurement of optical components.


Since its establishment in 2011, ECOPTIK(CHANGCHUN)LTD  has always adhered to the development strategy of "technological innovation + intelligent production", and its optical fairing, microlenses, medical endoscopes and other products have been recognized by more than 60 countries and regions. It has a number of independent innovation intellectual property rights in medical, aerospace, bioengineering, intelligent robots and other fields.


At the conference on accelerating the high-quality development of the private economy in the city, Changchun put the enhancement of the scientific and technological innovation ability of private enterprises in a more prominent position, which also allows enterprises to have stronger confidence and faster pace on the road of high-quality development.


Wu Linlin, deputy general manager of ECOPTIK(CHANGCHUN)LTD said they must adhere to the new development concept to lead the company's high-quality development, take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, focus on the main business such as precision optical components, medical endoscope objectives, better serve customers, and create a new generation of national brands.

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