is Officially Launched, Replacing the Previous

On October 22, the new English version website is officially launched, immediately following the 9 language version launch of the website. The website's language can be toggled from English to other languages such as Chinese, or vice versa, using the language switch in the top right corner of the landing page.

And we would like to inform you of the recent Ecootik communication and exciting news that Ecootik is replaced by ECOPTIK

ecoptik net and brand ecoptik is officially launch

Pioneering a better future for our partners

Thank you for your long-term support and trust in our company. We have made great progress. Based on the expansion of our business and brand promotion, we have to replace BRD (because BRD is the formal abbreviation of the Federal Republic of GERMANY (BRD), it is not possible to register the brand in EU.) to ECOPTIK.

We will continue to provide you with the best products and services. Thank you also for your support.

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