Foreign Agency Cooperation Agreement

Foreign agency cooperation agreement




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Upon equal and voluntary negotiation, both parties shall reach the sales agency agreement and abide by it. We agree to grant the sole agency of product ________ below to our Agent, who shall have priority in promoting the sale of our products in the following designated areas: ________

1. Application of Law.

The execution and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws in force in________. 

2. Obligations of the Agent .

The agent shall establish a customer base in the territory.The agent shall forward the quotations and orders received to the manufacturer.generation.The manager has no right to enter into any binding contract on behalf of the manufacturer.The agent shall 

sell as specified by the manufacturer.Terms to be interpreted by the user.The manufacturer is free to reject any inquiry or order forwarded by the agen.

3.Scope of Responsibilities of the Agency Business.

The agent shall place and pay for all advertisements necessary to promote the sale of the products in the territory.Participation in the trade fair shall be subject to prior negotiation of both parties.

5.Financial Liability of the Agent

5.1. The agent shall take appropriate measures to understand the payment capacity of local orderers and assist the manufacturer to collect the goods payable

Paragraph.The usual expenses of drawing and assisting in the recovery of payments due shall be borne by the manufacturer.

5.2. The agent has no right nor obligation to accept payment in the name of the manufacturer without prior consent.

6. User's comments

The agent has the right to accept the user's opinions and complaints on the products, timely notify the manufacturer and pay attention to the manufacturer's cut And interests.

7. provide information 

Agents shall do their best to provide manufacturers with information concerning the market and competition of their commodities to which they shall supply each monthManufacturers send work reports.

8. As the competition

8.1. Agents should not compete with manufacturers or help others to compete with manufacturers, and agents should not manufacture agent products nor shall any enterprise which competes with the manufacturer benefit from it.At the same time, agency a person shall not represent or sell any product that is identical to or similar to the agent's product.

8.2. Once this contract becomes effective, the agent shall inform the manufacturer of binding agreements with other enterprises.Any subsequent agreement, whether as agent or distributor, shall be communicated to the manufacturer and agent in carrying out other activities, the task must not be jeopardizing by neglecting its obligations to the manufacturer.

9. Confidentiality 

9.1. The agent shall not disclose the trade secrets of the manufacturer during the term of the agreement or after the termination of the Agreement

Use this confidentiality beyond the scope of the agreement.

9.2. All product designs and specifications shall belong to the Manufacturer and the Agent shall return them to the Manufacturer upon termination of this Agreement.

10. The sub-contract agent.

The agent may employ a subcontractor with the prior consent of the manufacturer, and the agent shall perform the work of the subcontractor  Actio takes full responsibility.

11. Protection of industrial property rights.

The agent detects any illegal act by a third party that infringes upon the manufacturer's industrial property rights or is prejudicial to the manufacturer's interests,The agent shall faithfully report to the manufacturer.The agent shall use his best efforts to assist in making the goods as directed by the manufacturer to protect the manufacturer from such acts, the manufacturer will bear costs other than the normal agency activities.

Article 12 scope of agency sales right

The manufacturer shall not consent to the right of others to obtain agency and sale in the territory. The agent earns the Commission part of the order brought by the agent itself. Conventional sales channels that are different from manufacturers.

13. Technical help.

The manufacturer shall assist the agent in training its employees to acquire technical knowledge of the agent's products.The agent shall pay Its employees pay for travel and wages, and the manufacturer provides room and board.

14. lien.

The agent has no lien on the manufacturer's property.

15. commission amount.

The agent's commission shall be based on each sale and signature of the products and the percentage of commission received is as follows:



16. Share the commission.

Two agents in two different areas make great efforts to win orders when an order is placed with an agent where the manufacturer supplying the goods is located at the other agent's location, the commission shall be equally divided between the two agents allocation.

17. Business failure, contract termination

No commission on inquiry or order recommended by the agent if rejected by the manufacturer.The order recommended by the agent.The agent shall not be entitled to commission if the termination of the contract is due to the manufacturer's liability,This is not the case.

18. Commission calculation method.

Commission is calculated on invoice value, any additional charges such as packing, transportation, insurance, customs duty or by customs duties, etc., recovered by the importing country shall be checked separately.

19. Claim on commission

The agent is entitled to commission on a pro rata basis on the amount paid for each purchase.If the user does not pay in full commission will be charged on a pro rata basis on the basis of the actual payment made by the manufacturer.If the customer rejects because of the manufacturer except for payment of goods.

20. Time to pay commission.

The manufacturer shall explain to the agent every quarter the amount of commission and the relevant information about the commission paid before the manufacturer receives the goods the commission shall be paid within 30 days after payment.

21. Goods on commission

Commissions are calculated and paid in the currency of the transaction.

21. Exclude other remuneration

All expenses incurred by the agent in discharging its obligations under this agreement, unless otherwise promised, shall be charged at the rate of 18 the clause provides for the payment of commission.

23. period of contract. 

This agreement shall come into force upon signature by both parties.One year after the execution of the agreement, one party may terminate the agreement with_____month's notice public debate.If the agreement does not terminate on that date, it may terminate on _____ of the following year with _____ month's notice.

24. early termination

In accordance with Article 23, either party shall have no right to terminate this agreement in advance unless there is a compelling reason to do so in accordance with applicable_______ law. 

25. Return of stock.

Upon expiration of this agreement, if the agent has stored the agent's products and spare parts, it shall be returned according to the manufacturer's instructions at its own expense manufacturer's burden.

26. Unfinished business.

If an agent proposes to terminate the agreement upon expiration of the agreement but executes the agreement after the expiration of the agreement, article 15 shall apply pay commission to the agent.The agent shall still be responsible for the performance of its obligations under this agreement.

27. compensate.

No compensation shall be payable in the event of termination or failure to renew this agreement, except as a result of breach of contract by one party.

28. Alteration .

Any changes or additional provisions of this agreement shall be made in writing.

29. nontransferable.

This agreement shall not be transferred without prior negotiation.

30. arbitration. 

If both parties fail to reach an agreement due to any dispute arising from the performance of this agreement, they shall be submitted to The arbitration commission of ________ the arbitral award shall be final.The arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party.

31.Other matters not covered herein shall be supplemented by the parties through mutual negotiation. The supplementary terms shall be in accordance with the laws of this agreement  effectiveness.

32 .This Agreement is made in ________ originals, with ________held by each party and both originals shall be equally authentic.


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