Grinding Technology and Classification of Optical Lens

In the process of planar planetary grinding, the uniformity of the grinding disk wear is closely related to the grinding quality of the optical lens; through the analysis of the movement law of the optical lens in the process of planar planetary grinding, the differential gear system is established Under the conditions of the trajectory and speed calculation model of the workpiece movement, a Matlab simulation program was developed.

According to the spectral characteristics of colored optical glass, it is divided into three categories. Customized optical components supplier introduces you:

1.1 Cut-off glass

The naming of glass is expressed by the wavelength of the transmission boundary of glass, which is divided into 5 categories and 35 brands. For example, the transmission boundary of glass is 490nm, which is golden yellow glass, then it is JB490.

1.2 Neutral glass

The glass is named after the first letter combination of its Chinese Pinyin, and its serial number is represented by the average transmittance characteristic of the glass with a thickness of 2mm and a wavelength of 400nm to 700nm, just as the average transmittance of a 2mm thick glass is 70% It is named ZAB70. This type of glass has a total of 10 brands, of which the wavelength range of ZAB65, ZAB30, ZAB5 is 440nm-660nm.

1.3 Choose absorption glass

According to the color or use of glass, it is divided into 14 categories and a total of 72 brands. The glass is arranged by serial number, which has no special meaning.

Combined with the actual production, the trajectory and speed of the workpiece movement under the conditions of the planetary gear train are simulated, and the influence rule of the grinding machine speed ratio on the wear uniformity of the grinding disc is determined: when the speed ratio I1 <-1.5, the movement trajectory of the lens is In a short period of time, it is spread all over the grinding disc, the grinding disc is evenly worn, and the processing efficiency and processing quality are high. Based on the simulation results, by optimizing the process parameters, high-quality optical mirrors with thickness consistency less than 0.002mm and parallelism less than 0.002mm were obtained.

Optical glass lenses are indispensable optical components in the machine vision system, which directly affect the quality of the imaging quality and affect the realization and effect of the algorithm. Because different glass types have different characteristics, it is very important to choose optical glass materials.

grinding technology and classification of optical

Optical Glass Square Windows

About the advantages of optical glass square windows:

1. The high light transmittance of optical glass ---- The light transmittance can reach 92%. If one or more layers of magnesium fluoride antireflection film are coated on the surface of the lens, the light transmittance of the lens can reach 99.2%.

2. Optical glass is chemically stable-resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis and other chemical substances.

3. The refractive index of the optical glass is constant and accurate ---- The refractive index is 1.523, constant and accurate, and the diopter is accurate after processing.

4. The optical glass absorbs ultraviolet rays-to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

Optical glass can change the direction of light transmission and can change the relative spectral spread of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. Optical glass has stable optical properties and a high degree of optical uniformity. Optical glass has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength, and good chemical properties. Windows and mirrors, etc.

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