Laser medical beauty application

Laser medical beauty is through the laser on the human tissue of three kinds of effects: 1. photothermy 2. Photodynamic reaction; 3. Light stimulation; to achieve whitening, wrinkle removal, scar removal, mole removal, hair removal, tattoo and other effects. 

Laser medical beauty equipment



Optical components and features

The optical components that need to be used mainly include: endoscope reflector, output mirror, reflector, beam combination mirror/spectroscope, lens group, window mirror, filter. In addition, crystal rods (Nd:YAG), cylindrical mirrors, prisms, microlens arrays, and levelling plates are used. Characteristics of the desired optical element: low power, short pulse width, high peak power. Multiple operating bands. Dimensional tolerances, moderate eccentricity requirements.

Key product recommendation

Three-band mirror, CO2 window, filter

Product line: IPL Filter, Medical visual lens, diffractive optical element 

Specific introduction of optical products

Light Guide

Feature: High transmittance, Excellent film density, Environmental stable

Standard product

Material: Optical glass, fused silica

Dimension(mm): 16*12*55 12*10*55 60*13*13

Wavelength(nm): 808


IPL Filter Series

The difficulty of the film system design and preparation process of the related filter lies in the requirements of high-pass band transmission, wide cutoff band and high steepness of the filter.

standard product

Material: Glass, fused silica or sapphire


Hexahedron Light guide40*8*30 40*10*50  54.5*15*50

Insert filter 65.6*14.95*1  51*16*1  68*15*1  52*16* 0.9

Wavelength (nm):400 420 450 510 560 585 620 640 695 700 755

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