Scope Reticles

The sight is mounted on the main body of the weapon system and is mainly used to help the user search and find the target, and hit the target quickly and accurately. Generally, there is a division inside the scope, which is mainly used to guide the user to aim, and provide a rough measurement of the distance to the target, so the division accuracy of the scope is crucial to the hit rate of the weapon system. If the scope is not accurate, it will directly affect the hit rate of the weapon system, and at the same time, the dividing style inside the scope, as well as the ease of operation of the dividing mechanism, will also have an important impact on whether the user can complete the task quickly and efficiently.

A common divider is an optical element used in a sighting device to superimpose a cross or concentric ring divider on an object to be imitated. This dividing line can be used as a position reference and can be aligned with the object to be imaged.

There is also a scope of the score plate with bullet fall compensation and wind offset compensation function, you can calculate the ballistic compensation coefficient and wind offset coefficient through the ballistic table.

The purpose of the scope is to enable the shooter to accurately aim at the target at a long distance. However, the arrow does not move in a straight line in the shooting process, but under the action of gravity to do parabolic motion, so users often find that the actual hit point will deviate from the target, and the farther the shooting distance, the greater the degree of deviation, which is the biggest factor affecting the accuracy of the attack. Experienced snipers often visually measure the approximate distance of the target and then make ballistic compensation to improve the accuracy of the strike.

The traditional sight plate is usually marked on ordinary optical glass to assist shooting, these plate can not get clear imaging quality, can not meet the requirements of accurate shooting, and there are large aiming errors, can not be connected with electronic devices, slow speed and other shortcomings.

Therefore, some digital intelligent scopes will input the ballistic data of gun type and bomb type in the solving circuit, and integrate the classification information into the OLED display screen and overlay the imaging information, that is, the so-called electronic classification, as shown in the following figure, a classification function is very rich including: 10, for the vehicle approximate distance division, 11, for the person approximate distance division, 12, range division, 13, surveying and sighting one division, 14, mi division.


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