Selection and Function of Custom Optical Lenses

Optical instruments or optical manufacturing cannot bypass the research and discussion of optical lenses, especially the most concerned industrial host machine in the current information age-the lithography machine, which is actually an ultra-precision optical system, and this system also includes the very familiar lens. So how to choose suitable optical lenses for production? Next, Ecootik will introduce some methods to you.

1. Qualified process for custom optical lenses

Qualified custom optical lenses are heated and forged to form optical lens blanks. Then, after each process of production, processing and testing, finally a qualified optical lens is formed. Optical Lenses Medium and high-precision optical lenses are suitable for laser stage lights, cameras, fisheye lenses, projectors, telescopes, fingerprint detectors, microscopes, digital cameras and so on. Ordinary optical lenses are suitable for magnifying glasses, stage lighting, educational toys, craft gifts, sight glasses (door mirrors) and so on.

2. Type selection of custom optical lenses

Custom optical lenses include convex lenses for concentrating and traveling light, concave lenses for light diffusion and wide-angle, cylindrical lenses that only use one side to transmit the spectrum of emission lines, spherical lenses for optical fibers or ultra-small units, hemispherical lenses, achromatic lenses bonded by two lenses with functions of eliminating chromatic aberration and spherical aberration, and other products. It can meet the application requirements in a wide range of fields, such as sensing system, light source, light receiving, imaging and so on.

3. The role of custom optical lenses

For many industries, custom optical lenses are one of the indispensable and important products. Without optical lenses, many jobs will be seriously delayed. It is precisely for this reason that the market for today‵s optical lenses can be better. However, related manufacturers will also face even more cruel challenges. But it has to be said that at the same time as the challenge comes, it is not an opportunity. For many optical lens manufacturers, the opportunity to gain more market space is close at hand.

Cylindrical optical lenses are usually used to focus, gather or expand incident light. A cylindrical optical lens has a cylindrical surface that focuses light on a dimension or axis. It can also be used to expand the output of the laser diode into a symmetrical beam. Cylindrical optical lenses are technically more difficult to manufacture than spherical or planar lenses, which is why Ecootik uses the most advanced polishing technology to manufacture each lens while strictly evaluating the lens.

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