Should I Still Spend Money on Optical Filters in the Digital Age?

1. Are optical filters necessary in the digital age?

Many novice photographers may be strongly recommended by the shopping guide to buy lens filters (mostly UV lenses). Although many friends have already purchased them online, there will be different grades of UV lenses as must-buy accessories. in the optional package. However, some photographic articles emphasize that bare-lens imaging is perfect, and the addition of filters will cause a decrease in imaging loss.

In the digital age, the effects of many optical filter glass can be achieved through in-camera settings or post-processing. So today, when the post software is so powerful, do I still need to buy optical filters?

2. The importance of optical filters

We all know that strong reflections will make it difficult for us to photograph things in the glass showcase, and the reflected light from the water surface will make us unable to capture underwater details. But after using the polarizer, these problems are easily solved. By adjusting the angle of the polarizer, part of the polarized light can be blocked and reflections can be largely eliminated.

I think the function of the polarizer to eliminate the reflection is difficult to achieve in the later stage. Even if it can be done, the amount of engineering is very huge.

In addition, the uv lens or polarizer has the same function as the "mobile phone film". Although it affects the image quality to a certain extent, as the "scapegoat" of the lens, this function cannot be replaced in the later stage.

For another example, the use of dimming mirrors can make long exposures to people in the water during the day, but make the picture exposure normal.

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