The Development Trend of Precision Optics Industry in Different Application Fields

With the development of a new generation of information and intelligent technology, optical technology is closely related to the development of imaging, sensing, communication, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and modern optical manufacturing technology is closely integrated with electronics, information, semiconductor and other industry technologies. Precision optical components are not only used for independent optical products, but are also widely used as part of the functional components of downstream industry products. The development trend of downstream industries will continue to affect and drive the market demand and technological progress of precision optical products in related fields. The development trend of the industry is as follows:

1. The field of precision optical security has entered a growth period, and intelligent security, Internet of Vehicles, and smart transportation have become application hotspots

In recent years, with the continuous growth of security market demand, the strong support of national industrial policies and the investment of manufacturers' technology and capital, the market concentration has been continuously improved, and the degree of nationalization has become higher and higher, and a number of excellent local enterprises have emerged. Occupying a large market share, the security camera industry has entered a growth period, and the industry has continued to develop rapidly.

At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the market scale, the technical level of precision optical components needs to be continuously improved, so as to develop towards high-end products and application segmentation. Smart security, Internet of Vehicles, and smart transportation have become application hotspots. In the future, the development prospects of products such as high-definition security lenses for the Internet of vehicles and smart traffic lenses are broad.

2. The precision optical machine vision market has entered a growth period, and the market scale has continued to grow rapidly

Machine vision technology is widely used in industry, service industry, scientific research and other fields, including various industrial automation equipment, CNC machine tools, semiconductor testing and other high-precision instruments, automatic optical testing equipment, etc. identification, etc. The lens is one of the most basic and core components for machine vision to obtain information. It is composed of various precision optical components such as prisms and lenses. The quality and variety of precision optical components determine the imaging quality and clarity of the lens, which is also the guarantee for the machine vision system to obtain accurate information.

With the increasing penetration rate of machine vision in traditional industries and the continuous development of downstream applications, the global machine vision market is growing rapidly. Especially with the application of 5G technology and the country's promotion of the development of a new generation of information systems, precision optical machine vision equipment will be widely used in emerging application scenarios such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, smart home, smart medical care, and biometric identification.

3. The market application of precision optical medical devices is gradually expanding, and AI medical imaging is entering the fast lane

The application of modern optical technology in the medical field is gradually expanding. Optical detection has become one of the most important technologies for qualitative and quantitative judgment in the field of medical diagnosis due to its non-invasiveness and accuracy. core components. Among them, medical imaging diagnosis, as an important application field of precision optical components, has gradually become the most important clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis method in modern medicine from auxiliary means, and the demand for its related equipment will gradually expand.

4. The application potential of the automotive precision optics market is huge, and the industrial scale is rapidly expanding

At present, the precision optical components used in the field of automotive safety mainly include automotive rearview mirrors, automotive cameras, lidars, and one-key start buttons. In the future, the popularization of automotive panoramic visual system, automotive head-up display system and automotive intelligent driving technology will further increase the demand for precision optical components. As the core component of the car, the car lens has huge market potential in the field of car imaging in the future. Especially with the development of global ADAS technology and the improvement of market demand, ADAS technology is rapidly entering the mid-end and low-end passenger cars, and its market size is continuously growing, which will continue to drive the growth of the automotive lens market.

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