What Are The Characteristics Of Precision Optical Materials?

With the increasing development of the optoelectronics industry, many imaging and digital display products tend to develop in the direction of high brightness, ultra-high definition, ultra-large area, and ultra-fine structure, so the materials used in the optoelectronics industry also tend to develop. for higher requirements. Such as excellent, stable refractive index, extremely high density, purity and high transmittance of homogenized materials are continuously developed and applied.

1. The main characteristics of precision optical component materials are as follows:

(1) High density and purity, generally more than 4 9s, the density is close to the dense structure inside the bulk material, there is almost no water vapor and adsorbed gas, and the internal and external surfaces of precision optical materials are almost free of organic and inorganic suspended matter.

(2) Homogeneous and excellent optical parameters, its optical parameters n and k are rarely changed under almost the entire used evaporation conditions and are easy to use. In the spectral range used, the precision optical transmittance is high and as small as possible. Extinction coefficient, and the optical parameters will not change due to the increase of evaporation time during use. For high-performance anti-reflection coatings and interference filters, any slight loss and parameter changes cannot be ignored.

(3) Precision optical component materials have good mechanical and physical properties. They can not only be evaporated on glass and various crystal materials, but also can be evaporated on plastic materials, with excellent firmness and excellent precision surface.

2. ECOPTIK Precision Optical Component Manufacturing Company

Established in 2011, ECOPTIK is located in Changchun, a Chinese optical base with beautiful scenery and profound optical culture. We have state-of-the-art modern technical machines for the manufacture and inspection of various precision optical components. Our company covers an area of 2000 square meters and is supported by 120 workers. In terms of technology, we benefit from the backbone of Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changchun University of Science and Technology. We also usually have technical exchanges with each other. From the perspective of product manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, most of them are imported from abroad, including coating machines, sphericity interferometers, optical.

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