Professional in Optical Dome Solutions

Professional in Optical Dome Solutions
Focus on the production technology and R&D of dome for more than 10 years

R&D capabilities

  • Currently there are 3 professional technical engineers, including process design, equipment upgrades and mass production planning

  • Cooperate with University & Chinese Academy of Sciences on academic research

  • Has utility model patent certification

Product Strengths

  • Hemisphere / Hyper hemisphere & OEM

  • ABS of parallel tolerance ≤20 μm

  • High precision surface accuracy

Wide Range of Applications

Astronomy is the subject of human exploration of space, and optics is the key to open astronomy. Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) provides large mirror processing.
Biomedical photonics and biomedical optics make biology and optics perfectly intersect, Diffraction, laser, and imaging all require high quality optical elements.
Defense Science And Aerospace
All the long-term cooperation between Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) and the Institute of Optical Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is mainly aimed at overcoming the processing of high-precision optical components and accelerating the research and development of national defense technology.
Environmental Monitoring And Meteorology
Lidar, solar intensity meter, and spectrum test are all important instruments for various observation environments and meteorology, and optical components are widely used.
High Precision Photonics System
Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) focuses on the processing of optical components, and its products are suitable for the most stringent and highest-end optical systems.
Laser System
The laser system is also one of the most important applications of optical components. Mainly adapted to laser requirements, including laser power, laser damage threshold, etc. Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) processed lenses can withstand the test of high power and high damage threshold.
Medical Instruments
Medical optical instruments mainly include ophthalmic optical instruments, microscopes, medical endoscopes, and medical lasers. With the advancement of science, more new medical devices are born, but all require high-precision optical imaging.
Oil And Gas
The search for energy has never stopped, and the applicatiobn of optical sensing has made human detection of oil and gas more intelligent
Science And Research
Major research institutions and universities are the frontiers of scientific research and are the engine of social development. We provide precision customized optical components for major scientific ...
Wide Range of Applications
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Lightweight solution for mirrors
Lightweight solution for mirrors
Feb 02 , 2023
Lightweight solution for mirrors
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