Specular for Otoscope

Specular for Otoscope

The otoscope provided by ESCOPTIK refers to the optical lens part of the endoscope for ear examination. Maybe it is just a simple magnifying glass, but it needs to precisely lock the focal length of the lens and lens barrel to ensure the clear and accurate transmission of the image. Medicine is a rigorous subject, and the otoscopes provided by ECOPTIK are only 100% accurate. We can provide a complete set of design, processing and assembly according to customers' ideas and ideas.

Otoscope, as an important testing instrument in otolaryngology, is mainly used to detect the environment of the inner ear and find the structure of the inner ear. The ear endoscope can magnify the ear image by 20 times. It has strong light guide, multiple angles, and a large field of view. The entire inspection process has a clear field of view and is clear at a glance. It helps doctors more accurately diagnose the condition and identify the cause of the disease for targeted the treatment.

ECOPTIK can provide the optical component part of the otoscope, by using the metal shell of the human or animal body's ear structure to design the corresponding focal length, and assemble the optical lenses of equal focal length. These optical lenses are single or a group of lenses with a diameter of less than 5mm. Make it clearly visible to the doctor during the ear environment test. Our metal shells are made of 6061 alloy aluminum, and the lenses are high-precision imaging lenses.

Substrate of lens

CDGM, Schott glass

Metal part

AL 6061


Accuracy of optics

Surface accuracy <λ/10@633nm,

Centration<5 arc sed.,

surface quality: 20/10   Scratch/Dig,

Coating: AR coating

Accuracy of machinery Parts

Dimension tolerance:+/-2um

Good coaxially

Assembly parts

Standard thread assembly

Finished product inspection

Upon customer’s request

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